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Why Choose Us

1. 3D Design and Free Quote

Our experienced designers can ensure that your kitchen design is both stylish and functional and feel free to ge the quote from us and you will be suprised by our offer.

2. 10 Year Warranty
We warrant to our customers that all cabinets and doors manufactured will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 10 years for the date of purchase. For full warranty terms and conditions pleasedownload here

3. Save Money

We have 4 automatic production lines and skilled workers to reduce the cost of manufacturing our products. Our flat pack kitchen cabinets and doors are designed for easy transport, assemble and instalation to achieve significant cost savings.

4. Save Time

We have a range of standard cabinets and doors in to stock to ensure customers have their kitchens within a short time frame and the shortest vacancy during installation.

5. Your Dream Kitchen

Glass 2 pac finish kitchens are luxurious and affordable. Our workmanship and quality are the combination of excellent manufacturing and quality control that is reinforced with the finest materials. We provide glass 2 pac painted doors - the most desired material for kitchens today due to its beautiful finish, shining surface and sealed edges.


What is a flatpack kitchen?

A flatpack kitchen is a DIY ready to assemble kitchen which requires no cutting or drilling for cabinets and doors. It is pre-drilled, with all necessary hardwares, assembled guide in a single carton. It is of the same quality as a custom made kitchen

How to make a flat pack kitchen cabinet?

All components of our flat pack kitchens are cut and edged on computer controlled machinery which ensures perfect sizing and finish. A cabinet generally includes a solid back, a bottom, two side panels ,a top rail (or top panel) and an adjustable shelf all cut from 16mm High Moisture Resistant White Melamine board with 1mm edging.

How can flat pack kitchen cabinets fit my kitchen?

We have a wide range of standard flat pack kitchen cabinet sizes from 200mm width  to 900mm width. We have more than 50 different design modular cabinets such as drawer, pantry, base cabinet and wall cabinet to suit your kitchen and life style.

How much will the flatpack kitchen cost?

It will depend on size but you can expect to save thousands of dollars over a similar custom made kitchen. You will benefit from our bulk order and flat pack form but we do not compromise on quality.

Do you provide design and installation?

Yes. Our experienced designer will supply you with a  plan, elevations and 3D pictures so that you can really see what your kitchen will look like completed with a accurate quote. Our professional installers can install the kitchen for you if you do not want to do it yourself.

How can i have a kitchen from sunflower kitchen?

Just bring your floor plan (if any) and visit our showroom and let us work it out for you!